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Rebar Quantity Estimation Software
RGS QUICK BBS is a revolutionary product developed to generate Bar Bending Schedule very fast. During this process the accurate quantities for the following materials are automatically calculated by the RGS Quick BBS.

  • Reinforcement Steel
  • Earth Excavation
  • Sand Bed for Foundation
  • Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)
        (a) Cement   (b) Sand  (c) Aggregate 
  • Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC)
        (a) Cement  (b) Sand  (c) Aggregate 
  • Plastering
        (a) Cement  (b) Sand 
  • Bricks
         (a) Cement  (b) Sand 

    This is the basic product required by the Global Construction Industry, irrespective of the size of the Contractors or Builders. Users can Preview Scrap and Off Cut Bar details while preparing BBS itself and could reduce them.

  • Placing sketch in A4 size paper – Easy to identify the Placing locations of rebar.
  • Placing list – Easy to identify the Rebar required to place, Bar supports & other accessories are listed out for ready reference.
  • Accurate and optimized BBS with Bend shapes and dimensions.
  • Graphical Calculation sheets supporting the Quantity calculations of all the materials.

  • Estimation of Rebar – Detailed Estimation separated by Elements and Bar sizes to order the steel.
  • Estimation of Concrete and other Quantities – Detailed Estimation separated by every element.
  • Also provides the projection for Cement, Aggregate and Sand.

  • Quantity of Steel , Concrete and all other materials listed are validated.
  • Quality of the structure is improved as the BBS validates the rebar as per the Indian Code.
  • Cut lengths are automatically calculated resulting in a direct saving of 2%.
  • Placing instructions are Graphically provided. Site engineer’s workload is reduced.
  • Rebar Detailing calculation sheets provide a proof for the detailing lengths and quantities.
  • Concrete and other calculation are also available, including for designer mix.

    Projects detailed by RGS - REBAR