Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
We have listed down the frequently asked Question by Contractors, Fabricators & Detailers in this section along with the relevant answers. Some questions are relevant to all the countries while others specific to Developing countries like India, Brazil. RGS believes that as a technology developer, it is our responsibility to introduce the professional practices of Rebar engineering and management, wherever it is required.
We will be posting more such questions & answers in this section frequently. Your comments are suggestions regarding an Issue or a solution is most welcome.
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  1. Our site engineers prepare BBS in the Site. They directly give the BBS to the Bar benders. Is this a correct approach?
  2. What do you mean by Optimized BBS?
  3. We order Cut & Bend bars from The Rebar Shops/Factories. Do we still need optimized BBS?
  4. What is the advantage in supplying an optimized BBS? (From Detailer point of view)
  5. Can I automatically create a BBS from engineering drawings?
  6. The structural drawings provided to us are detailed. Why should we prepare one more drawing?
  7. What are the Benefits of a Placing drawing?
  8. Some client only wants us to supply steel. Why should I supply him a placing drawing?
  9. Who can do detailing for us?
  10. We already use CAD software and detail. Why should we shift to RGS-REBAR?
  11. We already use another Rebar detailing software. Why should we shift to RGS-REBAR?
  12. Our client has Particular detailing software. They want us to use that software for detailing. How do I convince him?
  13. We call this activity as just BBS preparation. Some others call it as Rebar Detailing? Which is correct?


  1. Why do you suggest Site fabrication when the world is shifting to the shop fabrication?
  2. How much of Steel RGS REBAR-SITE can save?
  3. You claim that RGS-REBAR SITE more on Rebar Utilization. What do you mean by that?
  4. Is it practically possible to implement this method in the site?
  5. You are propagating reusing Off-cut bars at site. It is practically not possible.
  6. Can you guide us in implementing this in our construction site?
  7. Will our Bar benders understand the new system?
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