Licensing - Dynet Licensing Technology
RGS understands the value of our product and what it means to our clients. We are very careful in providing a DYNAMIC LICENSING MANAGEMENT SOLUTION , considering the growing business needs of our clients.

RGS is using “Dynet License Manager”, a sophisticated and advanced software protection and Licensing Management Technology for all our software products. “Dynet” supports networking license management through LAN / Internet.

All our Perpetual and Rental Licenses are managed using this Flexible Licensing Management. The dynamic licensing requirements of multiple location offices can be handled from the “Dynet” web very easily.


  • Dynet License manager should be installed on the server.
  • The server should have an Internet connection. Dynet License Manager will interact with the web based “Dynet Licensing Server”.
  • RGS software products can be installed on any number of client machines.
  • At any time, the software can be used on any machine, as long as the number of software used is not exceeding the licensing      limits of your company.
  • The software can be installed in multiple geographical locations and licensing requirements for each site can be dynamically      managed through the Web based “Dynet licensing server”.
  • Since the software licensing is country specific, the licenses purchased for using in one country can’t be used in another     country. To do this the client should pay the “Usage Transfer Fee” and update their license.
  • There is a back-up mechanism to support the licensing, if the internet connection is disconnected.
  • If you are going to use only one license then the machine where you install the software itself acts like a server. You have to     install both the “Dynet License Manager” and the RGS software products on the same machine.
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