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Rebar Detailing Software
RGS REBAR is the state of the art Rebar Detailing software developed to meet the challenging quality requirements of large sized projects with frequent revisions and fast turn around time. This product is developed by RGS-CAD an experienced and highly respected International Rebar Detailing company.

Preview Scrap and Off cut bars while detailing
The main focus of RGS REBAR detailing software is to reduce scrap and off cuts generation. It provides a great option for the detailers to preview the possibility of off cut bars and scrap generated from the drawing while detailing itself. The detailers can adjust the detailing lengths without violating the Engineer’s intent shown in the Structural drawings. Then an optimized Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) / Barlist can be automatically generated. This Optimized Barlist will save a lot on Fabrication.

  • Hundreds of projects from different countries across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia are detailed using
         RGS REBAR.
  • RGS REBAR is simple, user friendly, and the most productive detailing software.
  • RGS REBAR International Edition supports both Imperial and Metric detailing of many International detailing codes like
          ACI (U.S),B.S (British), IS (Indian), EURO, DIN (German), Austrailian, South African etc.


    Projects detailed by RGS - REBAR