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Rebar Shop Production Software

RGS REBAR SHOP is a Rebar Production Software, designed to suit the requirements of Professional Rebar fabrication.

This is suitable for Shop Fabrication using semi automated machines. Small and Medium fabricators can use this product to develop their business and convert this into RGS REBAR SHOP CNC, Once they switch into more sophisticated CNC Machines.

RGS REBAR SHOP by default comes with the Inventory Management Module. This enables the complete recording of all Rebar Transaction and the Rebar Reconciliation Statements can be generated automatically at any time.
RGS REBAR SHOP supports the two major fabrication models:
  • Client gives the steel and the Fabricator is to return the offcut bars and scrap, with justification.
  • Fabricators supply Fabricated Steel using their own stock.
    "RGS is launching shortly a Rebar Production Software that can automatically download rebar data to CNC MACHINES.
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